Error messages in Timeline

Unless I am being gaslighted, what’s going on here?

I think it has something to do with issues with rebuilding my site. A few years ago, I imported several thousand blog posts from WordPress. I think that perhaps struggles whenever I update one of those older posts.

I would recommend emailing for help on this issue since it’s specific to your blog. My guess, based on the error, is that Hugo can’t successfully build your blog on the size resource dedicated for That’s incredibly unusual/surprising given the performance of Hugo, so it’s almost certainly some kind of subtle bug with your content and/or theme that will likely need additional logging.

It’s intermittent and not something I can reproduce. Already brought to @manton attention.

That “out of memory” error should be rare… One of our servers was probably temporarily overloaded. The good news is that it’ll fix itself, but I agree this is something we want to address. It’s more obvious now that we’re showing error messages in the timeline (they used to be kind of hidden away on the Design page).