Error in my logs

I’m seeing this error in my logs, and it pops up in throughout my account also . I tried to rebuild my account, but then my site disappeared altogether. It couldn’t build my site. I disabled the Newsletter feature and then rebuilt my blog, and my site came back. I enabled Newsletters again, and I’m getting this error once more.

Error: error building site: assemble: “content/newsletters/”: period in shortcode name only allowed for inline identifiers


I’ve tracked this down. Long story short, this blog post had a Hugo example code in it and when we escape everything, it was getting confused. I’ll roll out a fix today, then you can re-enable newsletters and everything should be good.

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Thanks Manton!

@manton , I’m still seeing this error occasionally, yet I think the newsletter is still working.

Do you know which post(s) are causing the error? Maybe I can remove them or update them directly.