Entries still linking to old Micro.blog URL

So I’ve been deleting a bunch of old categories (WordPress tags that got converted to Micro.blog categories somehow on import). After updating the categories on a post, I saved it, and then when I clicked the link to view it, noticed that it still had the URL from my previous Micro.blog.

Previously I used a subdomain honk.cygnoir.net; I changed my mind and now all of my posts are on www.cygnoir.net. Or so I thought!

Old URL: https://honk.cygnoir.net/2017/12/03/005926.html
New URL: Not mine anymore.

How do I get Micro.blog to “rebuild” these links so they’re all www. and not honk.?

I had a similar problem (still waiting for a solution). What I did is to copy the date and title in a separate document, copy the body text, create a new post with the old title, change the date to the old date, and delete the old post.

It’s a tedious, slow process, and it has to be done with every post that went wrong. I still have 500+ posts to go through.

The problem with tagging seems to be that it has a tag index number, you don’t see, and a tag name, you see. Removing the tag from the Categories tab does not seem to remove it internally, just from display. This allows you to have the same tag name several times, and they can be all different tags with the same name.

It might be a bug, or just an ugly feature of the tagging system.

O wow. I ported thousands of posts … a little worried that the solution is to hand-copy them over again.

I’ll ask @help to reset my blog, so I can try again. Otherwise, It’s abandoning micro.blog as a platform altogether, since it wouldn’t be suited for my needs. I need much more control than it’s giving me.

Sorry for the delay. I can fix both these issues. I think I know what is causing it and can also correct it in the future.

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I had @manton completely clear my blog, and re-imported all 592 posts. They are in broken HTML (no fault to MB’s importer; it’s broken on the WP blog) and some of the images haven’t transferred.

So I need to go through every post in reverse chronological order, as some the posts link to earlier posts on my blog (on the old site). I haven’t registered a domain yet, so all my internal links have to be relative (without domain name, you know https:// etc.), must also be done by hand, alas.

Needless to say, this process-by-hand is error-prone, unless you’re slow and methodical. I guess a few posts per day is what my aged brain can successfully process.

So yeah, it’s a lot of work, but it can be done.

P.S. Did I tell you I don’t have a desktop computer, only an iPad? Luckily, there’s the free version of Drafts and their excellent HTML > MarkDown script you can install afterwards from their website.