ℹ️ Email newsletter subscriptions

Micro.blog can manage letting readers subscribe to your blog and receive emails for new blog posts. It’s deeply integrated into Micro.blog and works great for collecting multiple microblog posts together automatically.

Micro.blog’s email newsletters are like Micro.blog’s cross-posting: designed to start with your blog first and be effortless to maintain. You can enable it and forget about it. Micro.blog will create newsletter drafts from your blog posts automatically. You can edit a newsletter if you want, or ignore it and Micro.blog will queue it to send to your subscribers.

When you enable newsletters, you will see options for sending an email with each full-length blog posts, or collecting posts once a day, week, or month.

When you enable email newsletters, Micro.blog also adds a special email address that will be the “from” address for any emails sent for your blog. Your subscribers can reply to your email and Micro.blog will forward the text to you, without having to make your real email address public.

To try out email newsletters, click on Plans to make sure you’re on Micro.blog Premium. This $10 plan also includes bookmarking archiving, highlights, private notes, and video hosting. You’ll see a new Newsletter link in the sidebar on the web, where you can enable email subscriptions, manage subscribers, and edit email drafts before they’re sent to your readers.

Newsletter emails can be fully customized with HTML and CSS: ℹ️ Email newsletter templates