Email Newsletter Options ideas

I’ve been thinking about how, if I were a reader of a site, I’d want to be able to subscribe to its newsletter.

Personally, I think I’d want the option to get an email for any long (titled) post, and a weekly (or monthly?) roundup of all the short (titleless) posts.

What do folks (and most importantly @manton, I suppose) think about putting the format choice of format in the hands of the reader rather than the writer?

It would remove some of the control that you have to edit the email’s content before it gets sent out. But I don’t think I’ve ever edited mine and it wouldn’t bother me.

Spitballing some options…

  • email for every post
  • email roundup with everything every week/month
  • email for long posts and roundup with short posts
  • email for specific categories

I agree that different options for subscribers would be a great idea.

I like the idea of email for titled/long posts and a separate weekly/monthly summary of short. Throw one or two long posts, and at least in my test, it is a huge newsletter wall of text.

What if it was a ‘check box’ rather than bullet option?
Choose -all- that apply:
Send email for each long blog post with a title
Collect all short microblog posts into weekly email on:
Collect all short microblog posts and long posts into weekly email on:
Collect posts into monthly email from category

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It seems like this should be possible, but it will take some reworking of things… We would essentially need to store an email delivery preference for each subscriber instead of just their email address.

I do worry about the complexity of having both the current settings and a separate user preference, though. It probably should be one or the other.

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Oh, I misread part of the first post. I didn’t mean a per-subscriber settings: I meant just the settings page for the blog newsletter; I proposed more control over the newsletter feature to have 1) long-form posts go out on their own when published and 2) short form-only posts collected as a single email digest. at present I have to choose long-form when they go out, or short+long form digest (the latter can be large if it had multiple long-form posts.