Editor Issues & Improvements

I’ve just signed up and found a few issues with the post editor - does anyone know if these are macOS/Safari specific? Or are they general issues and likely to be addressed?

  • Pasting in content doesn’t always work, or paste in the right place. In general, the editor is a bit sketchy.
  • CMD-A doesn’t work, you have to manually select the text
  • Pasting in formatted content is a risky manoeuvre (ps there are ghost->markdown formatters out there!)
  • The blog editor doesn’t really make attaching picture into the blog content very easy.

In addition to that, I have a few suggestions:

  • A preview of the post, or at least formatting, would be great; including a preview of the “summarised” version (and an indication that this is going to happen). Something like “Click for more” could be useful there.
  • On that, some kind of markdown prompts could be useful
  • When you attach multiple images, the resulting post is a bit basic - just a long list. Is there any view to cleaning that up?