Edited post reappearing on multiple dates

Recently I found some posts from an old external blog, and brought them into my Micro.blog. One of those I mistakenly posted without a date, so it was of course given the date that I published it: 2023-06-16.

I then updated it to reflect its original post date of 2022-09-27. Since then, the post keeps popping up in both my Micro.blog Timeline, and on my hosted blog, at both dates.

In the Posts section of Micro.blog the post has the correct date, and is listed as having ‘3 versions’.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 09.57.03

Clicking through, all three of the versions have the incorrect date.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 09.57.48

I’ve had some luck going into Logging and clicking ‘Rebuild’ on my site. This usually makes the zombie post disappear, but it always seems to reappear when I publish a new post. Any tips on how I can get rid of it once and for all?

Sorry about the post continuing to show up incorrectly. I’ve cleared the cache for this so Rebuild won’t be necessary anymore, and it should be correct going forward.

I see the confusion with versions too. Versions of a post doesn’t actually record the posted date, it just records when the version was saved. So you can basically ignore the date you see there. (We should probably hide it or label it more clearly.)

Let us know if anything looks wrong.

Thanks @manton — I’ll keep an eye on it, and I’ll try not to alter the timestamps on any posts going forward :crossed_fingers:t2: