Edit Newsletter sender?

Today I posted an item on Waikawa News which was sent by email to subscribers. In Mail.app the Sender appears as Waikawa News Micro.Blog. How can I remove the Micro.Blog from there?

A reader replied and the sender now displays as Micro.Blog Help. I don’t like that at all. Either the name of the sender or even the name of the blog with ‘Reply’ would be much more helpful.

How can these be edited?

BTW: can we have a Help category for Newsletters?

I’m not sure where that “Micro.blog” is coming from. Micro.blog sets the from address for newsletters to:

Your Account Name <your-username@hello.micro.blog>

If someone responds to that, it goes to your-username@hello.micro.blog which Micro.blog sends to you. The from address of that email is help@micro.blog. If you reply, though, it should go back to the original user.

The reason it works this way is to prevent sharing your real email address with the user unless you want to by replying again.