Duplicated Categories on website

Can someone point me to a possible reason why on my blog there two duplicated categories even though they aren’t in the Categories section. FYI: I did rebuild the website a few times already. Clicking on the second instance returns no posts.

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Did you try removing the ampersand? A special character feels plausibly like something that might break things in unexpected ways.

It used to work right this morning… but I’ll give it a try.
Update: nope, don’t work.

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I am having this issue too. For me with two categories with non-alpha numeric characters in the Name. One of them has a dot, the other an emoji. They only appear once in my back-end categories list, but twice on my blog.

It looks like Micro.blog has created a URL I didn’t specify and put the posts there instead of what’s in the Path field.

https://aeryn.me/categories/micro.blog/ ← this is incorrect, but all the posts are here
https://aeryn.me/categories/microblog/ ← this is the correct URL/Path, but no posts
:joystick: Gaming”
https://aeryn.me/categories/️-gaming/ ← this is incorrect, but all the posts are here (and there’s an emoji there that’s not rendering in this post)
https://aeryn.me/categories/gaming/ ← this is the correct URL/Path, but no posts

I have also rebuilt my blog several times since I first noticed (a while back). I think it might be since the update where we could change the Path and Name of a category independently.


Let’s bring in @manton attention!

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Thanks y’all. This must be a problem introduced when we added custom category URLs… I’m working on a fix right now that should clean this up.


Is the fix implemented, yet? Should I rebuild the site?

Not yet. Still testing and I’ll make sure to tell Micro.blog to update your site too when the fix is rolled out. Should be this morning, I’ll post an update.

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Hi all! Here’s the update. I’ve fixed a few issues related to category names that were causing these duplicates. Categories with dots, ampersands, accents, and most special characters will now be handled much better.

The bad news is that I still haven’t been able to match Hugo’s behavior for emoji. Unfortunately for now, emoji can’t be supported in category names. Sorry about that! I’ll continue to try to work around it, or reach out to the Hugo developers to get more info about what’s wrong.



I have the same problem still: I got duplicates of categories by using a “/” in the name. Read this thread and renamed the categories, stripping them of any special characters, but the duplicates still remain on the website.