Duplicate posts and unwanted title text


I emailed this issue help@micro.blog but maybe someone on this forum might have some ideas.

Two things happened today: all of my posts got duplicated and out of each set one of them has had the characters “< h1 > < h1 >” added in the title field. The majority of my posts have not included anything in the title field.

There are two actions I took this morning, one was to enable the “paginate home page” option on the design page. The other thing I did was import a Tumblr archive.

Presumably one or both of those actions either separately or in conjunction caused the issues I’m seeing on my site. I have no idea how to disentangle or fix what’s happened.

Not sure what info would be useful to include here. I have a very basic set up: using the Marfa plugin with no custom theme. My micro.blog site redirects to www.neilbruder.net

Any insight would be appreciated. A screenshot from my site shows the issues of duplicate post and title text.


Were you previously posting your micro.blog posts to that Tumblr account? I strongly suspect one set of these posts are “crossposts” you made to Tumblr, which are now the duplicates.

I think you’re absolutely right, I had completely forgotten I was cross posting to tumblr. :man_facepalming: