Duplicate/multiple replies

Sometimes when I reply, especially in the Micro.blog app for Android, the reply posts two or more times.

Sometimes, if the developer is not safeguarding against it, one can hit submit buttons multiple times, resulting in more than one submission. That might be what is happening here, but I need an Android device to test this theory. Could @vincent have ideas?

:scream: I better go back to coding school.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

You’re one the last persons on earth in need of going back to coding school, @vincent. :blush: Maybe what’s causing this is something else entirely. I’m just tossing up ideas for possible causes. :man_juggling:

Do let us know if you find anything.

Nah, it’s my fault. The reply logic doesn’t check if it’s already sending. I tweaked the code to now check, hope to have that in the next update :sweat_smile:

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There will be a fix for this in an upcoming release. Sorry for the trouble Kimberly :v:


Yes, Android app sends 3-4 posts for Reply on my newer Samsung phone. Will look for a fix thanks,

@kimberlyhirsh @sod @Skarjune - There is a new update out, as of this week, that should fix this on Android. Let me know how it goes :v:

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