Duplicate blog

I’m new to micro.blog. I’m using my own subdomain (poetryjournal.adorawilliams.com), with the Tufte Theme plugin. But somehow the old “adorawilliams.micro.blog” still points to a page with no theme and the first test blog post I made, which I deleted, it’s deleted on the poetryjournal.adorawilliams.com and it wasn’t deleted in that page. It blows my mind! Does anyone have any idea of why that happens? Thanks!

@jean @manton

Welcome to Micro.blog! Sorry, this was a bug that I thought I had fixed… I’ve corrected it for your blog and everything should be working now. It will automatically redirect the adorawilliams.micro.blog to poetryjournal.adorawilliams.com.


It looks like it’s fixed! And apparently that only happens on Safari. Thank you for answering! And thank you for creating this platform. I feel like this is a new beginning for me and my writing regarding social media.