Don't want my timeline posts on blog

I’ve looked at the options for my account and can’t figure how to not have timeline posts added to my blog.

What makes a post a timeline post? The timeline itself is populated from your blog’s RSS/JSON feed.

To hide posts from your index page, you’d have to have some way of filtering out what you’re calling a “timeline post”. To hide those posts entirely, you’d have to create a feed for just those posts, then edit your normal index feed to exclude those posts, then add the new feed for “timeline posts” to as your feed.

But ultimately, there’s no “timeline post” concept— just posts, so to help you filter things how you want, we’d have to know (or you’d have to indicate when posting) what a “timeline post” is.

If I understand this request correctly, I did something like this for a little while. I added a third-party RSS feed to I used a Mastodon account for that purpose, but anything that generates an RSS feed will do. really doesn’t have the concept of posts that only appear in the timeline, but there are ways to trick it into doing something similar. To add to what @jsonbecker said, you could have a special blog category called “Timeline”:

  • Add posts you want to appear in the timeline in the “Timeline” category.
  • Remove the default feeds under Account → Edit Sources, and add back the RSS feed for the timeline category.
  • Customize your blog’s theme to exclude the timeline category posts from showing up on your blog’s home page.

Posting the timeline posts somewhere completely different (to Mastodon like @MitchWagner said, or to a separate blog) is another way to go.

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