Domainname issue, too many redirects

This morning I added a CNAME to my domainname (DNS managed by Cloudflare) so I can have my at Worked from the start. A few hours later I decided to have my full domain point at So I changed the A record to redirect to It used to point to a page at But I think I am somewhere in between services now? On the timeline, a new posts points to This works. But images on my homepage direct to And the domain gives an error for too many redirects. But DNS Checker shows the correct IP.

Is there anything else I can do besides just wait how these magical DNS propagations work out over the internet?

Edit: Do you know that feeling how, when you have a technical problem and describe it extensively on a forum, only to find out 42 seconds (ha!) after publishing, the problem solves itself? Yeah… I have that feeling now. It all works.

DNS often takes time to resolve. I’m glad that’s all it was in this case.