Domain purchased through microblog warning that domain is pending renewal

I purchased a domain through to accompany my premium account, which I think you get through I got an email warning me my domain is scheduled for removal within 30 days.

I found this help topic saying that domains purchased through renew automatically and will be automatically renewed and billed. I’ve checked and I haven’t been billed for the domain renewal, just my monthly premium account.

I have previously verified the contact email for the domain through

Thanks for any advice you can offer. I’d prefer not to lose the domain!

Sorry about the confusion. We always err on the side of renewing domains, unless you explicitly disable it. I’ve checked your account and it looks like everything is good for it to renew next month. (I’m not sure why sent that email.)

We usually try to bill for the renewal 4 weeks before it expires. If you don’t see that charge go through, please email and I can double-check it.

Thanks Manton - that’s the reassurance I was after!