Domain name obtained through not working

I purchased a plan with Micro.Blog that provides a domain name. It had been working fine, but I recently got an email from stating that my domain name no longer worked because my email address was not verified. The email stated that I just needed to “verify” my email and then my domain name would be working again.

I clicked on the “verify” email and was taken to the website. There was a message saying I was now “verified” and that my domain would be back up soon.

I waited a few hours, but my website still isn’t working. Contacted and they said it was a issue.

I’ve submitted a help request to, but in the meantime is anyone aware of how to solve this issue? Is there some simple fix I can do on my end?

If I understand the documentation correctly, @manton handles the domain for you when registering via Unless you have access to the account (where DNS settings are handled) there’s not much you can do, unfortunately. It has to be resolved by Manton.

Or, it might already have been solved, but the DNS changes haven’t propagated over the internet yet.

Thanks so much. That’s what I figured. Hopefully @manton can help. The person at said there were other things that needed to be verified to which only had access.

That’s strange, for some reason the DNS records that usually automatically adds didn’t get added. I’ve manually updated this and everything should be working now. I’ll follow up in email too.


It is working! Thanks so much!