Domain Name Lost? Please Assist

Howdy. I’m wondering if you can help.

When I started with, I transferred my domain ( from Google Domains to The problem is that I committed the fatal mistake of deleting the it was pointing to. Now, I see the domain name listed, but I get errors when I try to go to it, or try to do anything with it.

I checked with Name, but the domain doesn’t appear there for me, so I’m guessing has it. I have emailed, and I don’t want to be a pain, but I’m wondering what the status of request is.

To transfer the domain away from (back to where I had it), I need an auth code. Where can I find that auth code in

Aside from that, I’m happy with my at and everything is great. I’m loving all the apps available to record podcasts, etc.

Thanks to anyone who has an insight on this, and if an admin sees this, just let me know when this might be resolved. I understand if you’re busy.

With appreciation,
Miguel Guhlin

Glad you’re enjoying! I’ll follow up in email too, but you should be able to access the auth code to transfer your domain here: Click on “View records”, then “Show auth code”. Although we do use for registration, you can’t actually sign in to directly, so you have to manage the domain records and transfer from within

Manton, thanks for the response. It is much appreciated.

Alas, as I shared via email, the VIEW RECORDS button for the domain I want to move out ( generates a “SITE NOT FOUND” error. So, please send auth code via email and I will move it out.

No changes are needed to domain or how its interacting with That’s working great.


With appreciation,

Ah, I guess that does make sense if the blog was deleted that was associated with the domain. I should be able to improve this going forward. Thanks!