Do not display specific categories on the blog home page

Hello everybody.

I’ve been following with interest for a few years now and would really like to have my personal blog hosted here, but as I have no knowledge of development, in the end I can’t make some essential things work for me, which are easy to implement through plugins on Wordpress, the CMS I use.

An example of a technical difficulty I have is having a default setting so that posts in certain categories do not appear on my blog’s timeline. More specifically: I have an automation in IFTTT that publishes all my Letterboxd movie logs on my blog and, with a category filter, publishes it on a specific page without this new post being displayed on my blog’s timeline.

Is there any easy way for laypeople to implement this if my blog is hosted here on

There’s not a one-click plug-in for this yet, but we do have a help page that describes the basic steps to change the home page to use specific categories. Definitely want this to be easier.

I asked this before and managed to solve it with the help of others. But it involves tinkering with a custom theme. Rest assured that I’m not a developer or even a web techie, so it is do-able.

Thanks for the answer, Manton. I tried to make it work, but I still haven’t been able to. I’ll still try again.

Thank you, Pratik. I will try to follow the step by step of this topic that you linked.