Disappearing mac app

Anybody else have the problem where sometimes you can only get the “extra window” views (like posting, bookmark, etc.) but no matter what you try you can’t get the main window to show?

Usually this is fixed after next update, but then it will happen again.

I haven’t noticed this. Do you use multiple external monitors? I wonder if the window is being lost offscreen.

This happens even on single screen. If I swipe up with 3 fingers for Mission Control there is no window, even hidden. But the app is running. Many options will be greyed out:

Window: Micro.blog doesn’t help.

Windows can be opened for specific things, but not the main timeline:

Just figured out one way to solve it: sign out and sign in again.

Glad signing out fixed. Must be a bad preference stored that is getting wiped out when signing out. Next time it happens, can you email help@micro.blog? Maybe we can get the preference plist file and figure out what is happening.