Different avatar image on blog that on timeline -- possible?

It makes sense that the blog and the timeline work closely together, but in my case, I feel there’s a difference between the person and the blog the person writes.

I want to keep using my avatar on the timeline (and on other social networks like Mastodon, which I do) but I want my blog to have a different avatar, which I purchased not too long ago. How do I go about doing that?

---- edit:

seems like the image is dervied from .Site.Author.avatar at least in the theme I’m looking at right now (TT). So, I could host an image somewhere else and point it to a different URL, but that seems “ugly” to me. Wondering if there’s something else?

You would have to ask the developer of the blog’s theme to add support for a custom avatar. Or modify the theme yourself, via a custom theme. Some themes might use the avatar property, so if you’re lucky, you only have to set that in your custom themes’ config.json. I’ve not tested, but this might work:

    "author": {
    	"avatar": "https://example.com/your-custom-avatar.jpg"

I will give this a try, as tiny theme does have the config.json (but nothing like this in it, so I guess I’ll just add it). Still, I will need to point it to some other public URL which is not ideal :confused:

You can upload the avatar to your blog.