Deleted blog, now can't re-create one

Hey Folks,
Here’s what happened:

  • I’m just starting out on the Basic (1 blog) plan
  • I wanted to rename my blog form… to something else.
  • But there was nowhere to do that
  • So I deleted the blog to create another
  • But when I deleted it, the entire blog section disappeared from the Accounts area
  • So now I can’t create a new blog… and therefore can’t post

I’m stuck in no-mans land.

I assume my blog will need to be restored and i’ll be advised not to delete it. If that’s the case… may I ask how I can rename it? Many thanks.

The only way to edit the `’ URL is to email

If you want a custom version of your URL specifically, I’d suggest taking a look at custom domains. This will give you greater control of these types of changes, including if you ever switch from MB to a different host, and MB also has good support for custom domains.

Can you try creating the blog again on this page?

This is definitely a problem area when deleting all blogs… I’ll fix this so that even if there are no blogs it shows all the appropriate options. We may also want to have a “recreate the default blog” button to make this easier.

Actually I think if you aren’t subscribed to Premium, it will complain about creating a new blog. I’m fixing that. For now, @simonwoods is right, best to email to and we can recreate everything for you.

Sorry about this! Thanks.

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Thanks so much guys. I’ll do that!

Thanks, I’m replying to your email now. I also have a change ready to go later this week that improves this situation so that when trying to post, it gives you an option to recreate a blog that had been deleted.

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