Data Error in RSS Feed


Can anyone offer tips as to how to fix a cross-posting error with my external RSS feed?

My RSS URL is Literary Monster and the error I get on Micro Blog is “data error in RSS feed.”

As best as I can tell, the RSS feed shows up fine in other contexts, like NetNewsReader and FreshRSS



Okay, this is a long shot… Your blog’s feed looks valid but W3C’s Feed Validation Service gives two recommendations.

  • The self reference link doesn’t match the feed’s actual URL. (It’s a case of HTTPS vs. HTTP.)
  • A post in that feed contains an extra </p> tag.

If @manton’s implementation is very picky, these two “warnings” might be causing the trouble. But, again, it’s a long shot.

Sorry, I know the “data error” is confusing. What it means is that when was processing an item item in the RSS feed, something went wrong with trying to save that data to’s database. Usually this is some kind of encoding problem or unexpected data in one of the fields.

Another thing I noticed is that one of your post dates is “01 Jan 0001”. This is probably because it’s a standalone page (“About”) and not actually a blog post. If you can exclude this from your RSS feed, that will probably fix it assuming that is the issue.

Thanks guys! I’ll fiddle with those issues and see if I can get it to resolve.

Much appreciated.


Update: All fixed! :slight_smile:

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