Daft Social

There is a new service called Daft Social, describing themselves as “The Anti-Social Social Network for Minimalists”. It supports RSS, you can subscribe to any user. In my Feedreader, this works.

However, on micro.blog, when I try to add my Daft account to my feeds, I get an “Error: data error in RSS feed”. The log say two things:

* 2024-02-23 22:07:54 |Feed: Error saving item, feed 4527298, Incorrect datetime value: '1970-01-01 00:00:00' for column 'posted_at' at row 1|
* 2024-02-23 22:07:52 |Feed: Redirecting 4527298 to https://daftsocial.com/rss/?feed=drikkes|

And when I enter “daftsocial (dot) com (slash)drikkes” into the Discover search, an account appears, but clicking on in leads to a “Post not found” site.

Is there anything I can do here from my side? I guess contacting Daft and telling them about their incorrect datetime value is of more use?


It seems like that would be a valid (origin) start date, but also almost certainly seems wrong.

There are a bunch of validation errors on that RSS feed:


Old dates like 1970 are not valid in Micro.blog. I’m sure this is really a blank date in Daft Social that is accidentally being exposed in the RSS feed as 1970, which is the start of some programming language time formats. Seems like a bug that will need to be fixed in Daft Social.

Thanks, I wrote them and asked, if they could fix the date issue of their feeds.