Customize image markup

Has anyone figured out if there’s a way to customize the markup used by the apps for photos? I’d like to wrap the photo with a link to a higher resolution version (and to customize alt text for accessibility).

The import from Glass is amazing. Would love to customize a bit though.

Maybe a custom theme thing?

I think most apps allow you to post your own markup. So you can do something like this using Markdown:

[![A cute looking kitten.](](

Or like this, using HTML:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="A cute looking kitten." /></a>

Most apps have support for adding an alternative text description of images without resorting to custom markup. For example, in, add a photo to your post, tap it and choose Add Description. You can do the same in Sunlit as well.

Gluon has a handy feature. After adding a photo to a post, you can tap it and choose Inline Image. That exposes the underlying Markdown for you to customize as needed.

I haven’t tried it myself, but Mimi Uploader by Sam Groover looks like a good app for the actual uploading of photos.

You might be interested in my plugin GitHub - jsonbecker/plugin-glightbox: A Glightbox plugin for that can be used by other Hugo.

I use this for Lightbox, alt text, caption, thumbnails, galleries, etc using a custom shortcode.

You can also always do your own HTML markup.

Thanks so much. Super helpful.