Custom subdomain shows outdated version compared to custom root domain

Hi there,

I was setting up my microblog on my main domain “” (with the A record) and for UX purposes I added “” (via the CNAME).

I followed this manual: ℹ️ Custom domain names

I set the custom domain in the “Design” section to “”.

The issue I am experiencing is, that while the main domain “” has the most recent content. The subdomain “” is kinda stuck with an outdated version of my microblog.

Any hints to solve this issue? Thx.

Sorry, this is fixed now for your blog. There seems to be an issue when changing from using “www” to using the root domain that it does not immediately start redirecting the “www” version. I’ll improve this, but shouldn’t happen again for you.

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Thank you @manton for the quick reply and fix. It works perfectly now.