Custom slugs for Archive, Photos, About and Replies

Is it possible to customise the slugs for /archive, /photos, /about and /replies? I usually post in Gaelic so I’d prefer Gaelic slugs. For the about page I tried deleting the default About page, creating a new page Mu ar deidhinn and setting a redirect from /about to /mu-ar-deidhinn but it is not working.

When it comes to the about page, the strategy you’re describing should work. Sometimes deleted pages hang around for a while but forcing a rebuild of your site should get rid of them for good.

Photos and replies are list pages and a bit more involved. In theory, you can have listings with localized slugs if you’re comfortable with setting up a Custom theme. In practice, it could have consequences depending on if makes assumptions about URLs to these pages somewhere. What do you say, @manton?

Thanks @sod, rebuilding fixed the issue with redirecting the about page.

I did think of a custom theme but I wasn’t sure how to create custom version of these other pages and suspected that might require them to be at /archive, /photos and /replies.

I’m already running a custom theme (a fork of Marfa) but I’ve only made minor changes to the CSS to make it a dark theme and I’ve translated it to Gaelic.

I’m also running a fork of @Manton 's Search Plugin which I’ve translated and given a custom slug of /lorg instead of /search.