Custom ordering of books within a bookshelf?

Is there a way to customize the order of books within a bookshelf? I have a bookshelf here that I added in author alphabetic order, but need to add new books, which I think as it is now will just come in at the top, breaking the order.

I exported the bookshelf .csv, sorted it, and uploaded it. That didn’t work; the order of the .csv is not reflected in the ordering on the page.

No, currently the order is set by date. If it’s a “finished reading” bookshelf, you can change the date that the book was read on. If it’s another bookshelf, it uses the date it was added to the bookshelf.

If you’re editing a .csv file, the column “Date Read” will be used if it’s there. However if it’s not a book you’ve actually read, I wouldn’t recommend this since it might confuse things a little.

I’ll look into how we can improve the sorting so that it’s more flexible. Thanks.

I can work with that - thanks.