Custom CSS for the web view

I’m using a custom CSS in Safar that @Miraz first suggested to style the images differently. I’m now trying to style the replies in the timeline and maybe other types of posts. Where can I find out what class elements are used for the posts?

For images, Miraz used .post_text img, .post_text video, .account_posts_text img I tried using .post_text[data-content^="@"] but that didn’t work.

If you use the web inspector (on Chrome, at least), you can use the Inspector tool to select an element in the main window, then right click on it in the Inspector window and copy the CSS selector.

Yup. That’s how I got post_textbut the attribute didn’t work in the main timeline view, but it does in the Conversation view…:thinking:

I’m too much of a hack with CSS to even attempt to help without more information. And even then…hopefully a real expert will drop by :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s a way to style just the replies right now. We could add another class name for that to make it easier.

That would be great. But interestingly, the code I mentioned works in the Conversation view but not in the timeline view, so was curious why that’s the case.

The structure of the timeline and conversation view are mostly the same for this. I don’t think what you have would work anywhere, so I expect something else is going on with your conversation test. That syntax with [] is for matching HTML attributes. The “@” is in the content of the HTML item, not an attribute.