Custom 404 page is not working

I’m trying to create a custom 404 page based on these instructions:

However, after trying both options, neither one has ended up working. I first created a page named “404” and did seem to set this up as a page hosted at /404.html, but I still see the very basic “Not Found” page displayed when I try to visit a URL that is unmapped on my hosted site (e.g. see The page was visible if I directly visited /404.html on my site.

So I ended up deleting that page and tried to add a more custom one at /layouts/404.html in my theme, but this doesn’t seem to be getting picked up either. I don’t have any site build errors, but the basic “Not Found” page is still used when I visit any unmapped URLs. Additionally, I think I’m running into the issue where deleted posts aren’t actually removed with the 404 page I deleted, as you can still visit David Celis - Not Found (yes, with a trailing slash :confused:) and see the original page that I’d since deleted. Maybe the page not fully deleting is why my custom layout doesn’t work?

I just checked /lol/ at your site and I did see the custom 404 page. caches the 404 responses for a little while so I wonder if that was interfering with your testing. Let me know if you’re still not seeing the right thing.

Aha, that explains it; I see it too now! Sorry for the false alarm :sweat_smile:

No worries, glad it’s working! Thanks for your patience.