Current photo/video upload limits

Is there a central place that lists the current photo and video upload limits and how uploads are compressed or resized, etc?

The Help Contents posts don’t seem to have all the information and some may be out of date. e.g. video file size limit is listed as 45 mb, but is currently 75 mb.

Thanks. :pray:

Video size limit is 75mb, as Manton stated in his prior response to you, noting that it used to be 45mb and that may be in some spots that you can report as out of date.

I have no knowledge if/what the image limits are, but images are always processed when uploading to (a lot of metadata is stripped, including some important information like color spaces).

By default, I think the app resizes everything to 600x600.

All metadata, right?

I thought it was just the EXIF data that was stripped?

Thank you. My question is more “is there a central place that lists all these things?”

I have updated my original post to make that a bit clearer. Thanks for the responses.

I’d be interested too. And how that compression/resizing differs when uploading on the web/app/API/etc.

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