Curious why a difference in page display

Hello! I’m wondering why and look so different?

I’ve chosen the Marfa theme, and it displays correctly on but it doesn’t display for I’m curious why?


Hi Hollie, Here’s the difference: is the URL of your hosted blog if you are not using a custom domain name. If you use your own domain name, like you are with, it forwards to that domain. is your user page on the timeline. It shows your posts and replies, along with your About details. It’s roughly equivalent to your profile page on Twitter, i.e. username.

Hi Jean,

Thanks for the explanation. However now there’s a different discrepancy. I told a friend I was republishing some old tweets, and I said they’re at She can’t see the latest post. I realized that I can’t either, using that URL.

But if I go to, which forwards to, the most recent post appears (dated June 30th).

Why does show the post but has it missing?

After I read the instructions here (Custom domains) I thought it was saying that if I wanted the www to work, I needed the CNAME record. What I want is for www to just point directly to the root domain. Maybe I need to remove the CNAME?

Oh, I see what you mean. For domain name wrangling and CNAME questions, I tag @manton for assistance. He will know what to do, and the answer will be useful to anyone else who has this question.

I’ll also review and update that Help doc about Custom domains too.

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Sorry I had missed this! I followed up in email. Normally automatically redirects the “www” version of your domain so that everything matches, but I think for some reason that wasn’t enabled automatically. I’m taking a closer look at this so I can hopefully prevent it from happening in the future.