CSS Editing. Adding Status.lol to main page

So I have a omg.lol account and I’d like to add my status.lol to my micro.blog main page under my header. The syntax for this would be as below according to their documentation here

So my entry would be…

<script src="https://status.lol/daveycraney.js?time&link&fluent&pretty"></script>

I use the Paper theme.

If I embed this on a static page, it works fine, but I cannot figure out a way to have it on my main homepage. If I paste it into the “edit CSS” section, it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere on the page, and as the CSS page is blank (doesn’t show any existing page structure) I can’t seem to choose where to paste this in.

Is it possible to easily add this to my front page, or do I have to create a custom theme and import a clone of the paper theme so I can see the full page HTML and add it that way?

Does that mean I’ll lose the nice features of the theme as a plug in such as adding my social media links, setting pagination options etc? Feeling a bit lost but I’ve been banging my head against this all night and just can’t work it on my own…

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