Crossposting contains blog image with link?

Hi all, not sure where this comes from, noticed that once or twice and feel like not wanting that: When crossposting from to, say, Threads or Nostr, I always will get a short version of the post and a link back to (which is absolutely perfect and just how I’d like to be), but at least in these both cases, I always get some sort of “preview” with the link, including all the time the image from top of my blog and some rectangular card showing blog title and all. Wondering: Is it possible to change that behaviour? Or is this what happens on the receiving system? In case of Bluesky, I see only a link with nothing else which is how I’d like it to be…
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This is on the receiving system. We don’t have any control over it for Threads or Nostr that I’m aware of. This annoys me too since I find the previews add a lot of clutter.

If the link is back to your own blog, you may be able to improve the preview by adding Open Graph tags. There is a plug-in for this. But I’m not sure it will really solve this unless your post has something nice to display, like a photo.


Need to dig deeper I guess. Switching to Bear theme apparently “fixed” this. Used Tiny Theme before, which used to have my icon on top of the start page…

These are open graph card previews, as Manton said, and Tiny Theme tries to support them with different defaults than the Bear theme. But you do control what is shown. You do not control that they are shown.

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I see, thanks. So I will see whether I can strip that down a bit - or modify Bear to suit my needs; so far it’s already a quite good experience being slim and fast.