Crosspost Twitter -> Syndication backfeed?


I x-post all my notes (short, long-form) also to Twitter. While the Long-form content works fine with to get the comments from Twitter below my posts on M.B, I have to add some extra markup everytime after posting a short note to achieve the same there.

Is there an easier way to do the following?

  • short note on M.B. → x-posted to Twitter
  • Copy Link to tweet on Twitter
  • Edit Note on M.B. add the hidden <a-markup rel=“u-syndication”…>tweet url… into it

Could the last part done in any way automatically?
Since M.B knows the tweet id after x-posting it would be nice if that could find it’s way back into the note so that can track comments.


Following this.

This does seem like something that could be automated, although we would probably need to expose the tweet ID somewhere via the API. If there’s enough interest, we could also consider a preference to handle this automatically. (Or alternatively, a preference to always include the URL in the tweet, which Bridgy could then notice.)


I’ve never heard of, but I would like the option to always include the link

I have now heard of Bridgy and it’s surprisingly good and shockingly respectful. Adding u-syndication and/or rel=syndication would be extremely nice!