Crosspost to Bludit blogs?

Folks; is it possible to add a crossposter to self-hosted bludit blogs? As far as I see, they don’t support wordpress XML-RPC but have an API of their own (API Introduction | Bludit Documentation) which might not be too hard to include. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for considering,

I hadn’t seen Bludit before so I’m checking out the documentation. To be honest it’s unlikely right now because none of us use it, so it won’t get the attention that other platforms get.

Best thing would be for Bludit to add support for a standard API like Micropub or XML-RPC.

No problem, kind of expected that. Will see whether the Bludit crowd can add one of the supported APIs.

Edit: Add support for micropub? · Issue #1519 · bludit/bludit · GitHub just in case someone comes along looking for the same thing.