Cross-posting to Twitter, Medium, Mastodon, and more

Glad that it’s working for you (except Medium). I have a similar setup for my categories but the posts don’t seem get crossposted anywhere, not even on Twitter or Mastodon. Did you do anything else to make it work?

Okay so I got crossposting to work but it’s still not reliable. How I got it to work? Not sure but I did remove my microblog’s main feed link from the crossposting settings yesterday and only had crossposting on for category feeds. After that, Twitter and Mastodon crossposting worked although some posts haven’t gone to Medium at all, and some crossposts are publishing raw HTML on Medium and Tumblr.

Interesting, I haven’t gotten back to messing around with cross-posting, I may see how Tumblr does with my RSS feed today.

Update: Cross posting stopped working again. Today’s post got posted on Twitter but not on Mastodon, Medium or Tumblr. :confused:
I really want crossposting to work as I consider it a crucial feature to my usage of the service.

Do you recall experiencing cross-posting issues for the primary JSON feed? I know we all want to be able to use categories to fine-tune what goes where; but, I thought it might be helpful if we could isolate the issue to the RSS feeds.

Catching up on this discussion. Cross-posting does not work from category feeds unless a given post only appears in at most one category feed. In other words, to work reliably, you can add multiple category feeds (each of which contain different posts) but can’t have the default feed.json.

The reason for this is because of how processes feeds for cross-posting. When a new post is found, checks whether it needs to be cross-posted, and then to make sure it doesn’t accidentally cross-post something twice, it skips processing it if it’s encountered again in another feed. I’ve thought about how to remove this limitation, but for now it’s tricky to use categories for cross-posting.


Would be really nice to get an official answer regarding cross-posting to Medium issues, though.

When this was first reported, I enabled Medium cross-posting again for my account and it has been working great for me for various types of posts (, so it’s still a mystery why it’s not working reliably for some people. I’m hoping I can add something that will help us debug this.

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I am done trying anyway … my “blog” is now a “personal journal”

Sometimes disabling & enabling, and refreshing seems to help.

Sometimes posts don’t seem to go if too soon after a previous one.

This is useful to know the ‘in 1 category feed’. I guess that’s why I’ve had some success with my very clear #arts or #tech bifurcation.

As the others say, Medium seems a separate issue which would be great to explore!
I’d personally would also be open to cross-posting to similar higher-footfall platforms if integration easier e.g. Substack.

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This is worth figuring out. Seeing as I post more than three times every day, Medium is a dead platform for me until I can conduct targeted cross-posting. The only way I have figured out how to do that is via filter applied category, and that didn’t want to work. Tumblr has been easy peasy.

Update: I removed the category feeds from crossposting settings after @manton’s cleared when it would and wouldn’t work (thanks!), and tried only the main RSS feed. Medium still didn’t work, and Tumblr had formatting issues. But then I removed the RSS feed and added the default JSON feed. Everything, including Medium, is working perfectly since the last 4-5 days! So maybe as @Moondeer pointed out, there could be something off about RSS specifically. In any case, I’m too afraid to swap feeds and test again since everything is finally working. But I’m glad it is. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! HEY World only support ATOM RSS feeds. I’m out of luck until @manton update the cross-posting engine to support more formats.

Or until the much better resourced team making Hey update their product.

Or more ressources on the MB side… as I think in recent weeks there is some lack of active improvements…

What type of resources would you suggest? As far as I’m aware there is no quick way to solve for a pandemic or add more developers, other than terrible VC funding and the like.

Is MB a side-line for @manton ? Is there other people involved in maintaining this platform? I wasn’t expecting the pandemic to be an issue for an internet-only business like MB. I could be wrong, for sure.

Good questions. However, I think I’ve derailed the thread topic by this point. So I’ll just post my reply on my blog.

agghh: a trade-off:
a) (as you do) forego categories and post to Medium / others more reliably (with main JSON)
or b) (as I do) use RSS categories to split destinations but accept Medium is a no-go and others may be janky

I’ll stick with b because of my specific arts | tech audience split, and the fact that I’m hopeful that @manton will solve tech problem / Medium will be swamped by another platform like Substack anyway if not :smiley: