Cross-posting to Mastodon not working?

Hello, new user here. I have created two initial posts here ( and after 15 minutes or so, I see that the 2nd post (just 2 sentences) made it to my Mastodon acct (Keven Elliff ( - Universeodon). However, my first post (3 sentences/one photo) did not make it. I’m assuming posts with images (up to 4) should cross-post, yes? Any thought as to what might have happened? Image was 256KB.

Also, if I were to edit a published post, would the cross-posted “post” get updated with the edit?

Thank you!

Hello and welcome! :wave:

Yes, that’s correct.

The possibilities are endless. :blush: It could be anything, really. Maybe the cross-posting wasn’t set up correctly at the time of the first post. There could have been a temporary hiccup, like a network outage. There could be a bug in the cross-posting functionality. And so on…

Sometimes, the logs can be helpful and hint at what’s going on. But, in the end, only @manton can tell you what happened.

My guess is no, it would not.

Thank you - I’ll check out the logs (didn’t know we could do that). Cheers