Cross-posting not working

I have posts scheduled for the next couple of weeks, single images with no accompanying text. I set them up in the MacOS app. For the last few days, however, in order to get them to post to the timeline and/or to Twitter, I’ve had to manually update the posts on the web. It defeats the purpose of scheduling them to begin with. Yesterday, I tried to post this, but it did not show up on my blog, on the timeline, or on Twitter until this morning, when I updated it manually on the web. (It showed in the Timeline, though, as if it had posted yesterday at 8 something AM).

Am I doing something wrong?

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I’m having the exact same problem.

I have the same general issue of not being able to trust the cross-posting to work. I had two posts this morning that should have just been a micro post (not sure what the word is for when it’s not a post but is a timeline post?) that didn’t cross post to Twitter. They went in to my microblog as a “post” and didn’t cross post at all.

I deleted the post, re-posted it exactly as I had done previously and this time it went as a timeline post. and cross-posted to Twitter.

I communicated via email about cross-posting issues – specifically, trying to post to the timeline from a particular category – last month I thought the related category issues would have been resolved by now; I was told they were being worked on, but maybe I misunderstood.

I just added a feed that would have me post to the timeline only from a particular category (“broadcast”) with cross-posting to Twitter. However, a post NOT categorized “broadcast” went up on the timeline. This is what happened last month, so it looks like the problem last month wasn’t resolved.

I’d really like to be able to be selective about what goes up on the timeline.

Ah that’s an idea I hadn’t thought of - cross-posting from a specific category. Hope they can sort that out because that’d be a great option.

This is a new issue that I hadn’t noticed before, but I see now that it was introduced a few weeks ago in the performance improvement we made to getting most posts to show up in the timeline instantly. I should be able to fix this very soon.

For the other issues with category feeds… There’s no estimate for when we can change that behavior. I probably miscommunicated that (or underestimated how much of a major change it is).

Sorry, I’m mixing together a couple different potential issues. The original issue with category feeds has been fixed, as long as you’ve updated to the latest version of any themes you’re using in Plug-ins. I’ve also fixed a new issue with posts appearing in the timeline when you don’t have a full feed set on your account.

In other words: everything should be working. :slightly_smiling_face: Let me know if you notice any problems.