Cross-posting not working with images


I have my main json feed set up to cross-post to Twitter and Mastodon. This worked fine for a bit, but it has stopped working for me whenever I attach an image to a post. Is there anything related to cross-posting images that I should be paying attention to, or is this a bug?

Could you give a link of a post that failed?

Sure: - hi ich bin sebastian guck meine bullshit gedanken

I see that post on Twitter, appearing about 15 minutes after the you posted it to Did you post that separately to Twitter? I do see that this post doesn’t appear on your Twitter timeline, though.

If you email, we can have a look at your account setup and figure out the reason it’s not working.

Yeah, I posted that one to Twitter separately then. This earlier one was another one that didn’t work.
The newer one you mentioned on the other hand did actually work though, it‘s just a little buried by retweets. So maybe it was just temporary, I‘ll keep an eye on it for now and if it fails again I‘ll send an email.
Thanks for taking a look! :slight_smile:

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