Cross-posting: no image or not the right one

Hi all,

So, aside from the Bluesky cross-posting not working these last few days, too bad because it was the only one working as I wanted, I also noted that when I want to automatically cross-post to Mastodon and LinkedIn, no image are sent with the post.

With Mastodon, when I try manually, it’s the “about me” image that goes with it.

With LinkedIn, no image at all.

In all my posts, there is an image at the top of the post, with the HTML copied and pasted from the Uploads section.

Anyone else? Any idea?


I’m looking into this. I believe something has changed in Bluesky in the last couple of days with image uploads. It was working fine and now is not working for me either, and we haven’t changed anything in

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Thank you. What about the images not being posted when cross-posting to Mastodon and LinkedIn? Am I missing something? Thanks.

Are these posts with titles? If they’re longer posts, you’ll get the equivalent of pasting a link into those services. Only short posts without titles and only the first 4 images of those will cross post.

Thanks for the feedback. The posts do have titles.

So I just tested. With a short post (so no title) with an embedded image, the cross-post worked completely (text+image) on Bluesky and Mastodon. But not on LinkedIn wheree only the text went through.

Anything I can do ? Do you know if this limit comes from the different services?

Thanks again for helping!

It looks to me like creating a post with an image on LinkedIn via api is complex and probably something Manton has chosen not to support— see Share on LinkedIn - LinkedIn | Microsoft Learn.

I understand. Thanks for the follow-up.

I can confirm that. Cross-posting to LinkedIn is currently only for the text. However, it is supposed to add a link to any images, so at least the LinkedIn users can click through to see the image. Let me know if that’s not happening for you.

I can confirm that the only thing LinkedIn users see is a reformatted LinkedIn style link pointing to the post.

Sorry, you’re right. I misspoke. It includes a link back to the post if there are any images. Maybe including the image URL instead would be a good next step?

Absolutely. I will try that. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: