Cross posting from Glass to MB Timeline and Mastodon

Hi there :wave:
I recently tried getting cross posting from Glass working, and had partial success.
I added my glass RSS feed in, choosing “Add posts to timeline” and authorised mastodon as a cross-posting destination. I’m assuming “Add posts to timeline” is purely that, and the other option is essentially “add post to my microblog blog” with whatever settings that has regarding showing up on the timeline.

I then published a new photo on Glass. It showed up successfully on my MB Timeline (yay) but failed to appear in mastodon.

Looking at the cross-posting logs I saw this shortly after I added Glass, but other than that am stumped, and searching help didn’t give me any hints.

Has anyone managed to get an external RSS feed to publish to the MBTimeline and cross post out to other services like Mastodon? Should I just remove the Glass feed and try adding it again?

That sounds like a bug. Unfortunately the “exception” log isn’t very helpful, but I expect there is something unique about the Glass feed that is tripping up I’ll try to reproduce it.

I can’t tell what was happening, but I’ve improved the logging to be more detailed if this happens again. Now that the post is no longer new, it’s not going to keep trying to cross-post it, so the best way forward from here is probably to wait until you post to Glass again and see if it works correctly.

I’m not aware of any specific Mastodon cross-posting issues. I know a bunch of people are using it.

Thanks @manton much appreciated. Very weirdly I just tried posting three more pics (example) and all went through without a hitch now, but I swear I didn’t do anything different. Who knows!! Thanks again.



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Great, glad it’s working now!

Wait, the cross-posting options show up for an external RSS feed when you chose to “add posts to the timeline”? They don’t when you choose “import posts to blog”. I’m still learning new things about crossposting.

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Importing is a batch, one time, don’t flood the zone thing. RSS → Timeline = normal flow as though you’re posting yourself into the timeline, cross posting functions through there.

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Super helpful info thanks!