Cross-posting brittleness (Wordpress to

I have a legacy cross-posting bot account I have just moved my main blog from a very old self-hosted Movable Type installation to a new host, now running Wordpress, although the URLs have not changed: and its related jsonfeed. (There was a week or so during which I could not post from the app to WP, but that was fixed in the last update — Thanks, @manton!)

I have set up cross posting to mastodon and bluesky.

Since putting the new setup in place, I have found cross-posting to be brittle. It sometimes happens, and sometimes doesn’t. Is this user error, or something more widespread?

(A few details, if they makes a difference: The WP blog currently accepts html, but not markdown; in at least one case the WP-> feed posting has given duplicated entries, one of which was correctly cross-posted.)

The main things I’ve seen people have trouble with:

  1. Bluesky has a really restrictive API around photos that still is causing a lot of wonkiness (outside of MB) and I think that’s mostly fixed but I wonder if that’s a part.
  2. Almost everyone I’ve seen with consistent cross posting problems uses draft/future scheduled posts a fair amount. That definitely seems to have some possibilities of unexpected interactions.

Hmmm, thanks. But my problem posts haven’t had photos or draft/scheduling…

Further information:

I just noticed that the iOS app is showing

No cross-posting options to display

But if I check on, it correctly shows my cross-posting options.

Also, when I first tap on the gear icon on the posting page, “Publish to your blog” item just shows as “P” and one of my categories just shows as its first letter. Both of these are fixed if I tap around in those menus.

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More data: I’ve enabled markdown posting through jetpack, and my last couple of posts (including one with a photo) seem to have cross-posted just fine.

Could be a coincidence; it seems that there are ongoing fixes to the cross-posting backend.

I don’t know why that would matter— I’m pretty sure is purely reading your RSS or JSON feed (whichever you gave it) for cross posting. So if it didn’t edit that content MB won’t see it different.