Converting a Standalone page to a Blog

Hi. With the new pricing structure I’m wondering if I can convert one of my standalone pages into a blog.

I have Premium and I can have 5 blogs now. I want to convert a standalone page into a blog. I have set up a domain name already and would rather not start from scratch. Does treat these differently?

Or can I simply start writing posts on the page? And it will all just work?


I’ve expanded this question into a new post here (because it’s led to whole bunch of questions for me):

I don’t think there’s a way for us to do this ourselves via the user interface, unfortunately. But @manton might be able to do it manually if you email This is just me guessing, though.

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Yep, I can manually update any single-page sites to full blogs if you send me an email. I’m going to be adding an interface so you can convert these yourself soon. (Probably today!)

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Ok. Sounds good. Thank you both

I’ve just added a link so you can upgrade any single-page site to a full blog. Click on Posts, make sure your single-page site is selected in the “…” menu, then you should see a “convert to full blog” link. (If you already have 5 blogs, the link won’t show up.)

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