Controlling Avatar and Bio of additional blogs

Now that offers up to five blogs to Premium users, I have a suggestion that I believe would be beneficial to all users with many blogs.

Currently, most themes pick the “avatar” image and the “bio” description from the user account, specifically from the “About me” section in Account.

For people with many blogs, this means all the user’s blogs will end up with the same bio and the same avatar.

Having the same bio, avatar, and even the same favicon derived from the avatar for different blogs forces users to edit their themes to show a different image or description for each blog. However, by doing so, they automatically miss updates from the themes they use because the modified version always wins.

How about if the Design page offered, after the “Podcast settings,” another set of settings allowing the user to override the avatar and the bio for that particular blog?

If nothing is specified there, it uses the generic one from Account. If specified, it overrides and uses the locally specified one.


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This sounds like a great idea, and I’d been wishing for that feature myself. I have a “personal” micro blog and a “linkshare” blog that is more professional, and it kills me that my goofy hat and I show up in both.

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