Content for YouTube bookmarks


I’ve been playing with posting bookmarks via the Micropub API, and I find that any included name or content value is disregarded. Instead, seems to grab the post content from the target page. This fits most of what I’d want anyway, so that’s cool.

However, if the URL being bookmarked is a YouTube video (say of the form, then that doesn’t happen and all I get is as the below screenshot.

Screenshot of Brave Browser (10-06-2022, 16-22-20)

The page on YouTube does have meaningful title and description tags in its head.

Is there anything I can do from the client side to improve on this when creating a bookmark?



Thanks for the bug report… I don’t think there’s a work-around for that yet. I’ll do some more testing with YouTube links and see what we can do. I’m sure we can improve it.

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Thanks Manton!