Connecting to WordPress with iOS app

I moved my content from to WordPress, and would like to try using the M.b. iOS app to post shorter “notes” to my site. I’m using a custom post type (with the IndieBlocks plugin) to separate “Posts” and “Notes”. Here’s my notes on the web: Notes – Nick Simson
Does M.b. support custom post types?

When I try logging into my WordPress site, I get the “Sorry, we could not find the XML-RPC endpoint or Micropub API for your weblog”. I checked with my host, and the XMLRPC is unblocked. I also installed and activated the Micropub plugin for WordPress.

Is there something locked down on my host end, or an issue in the current version of the iOS app that is preventing me from logging in?

It looks like your blog is missing the RSD tag to help apps like discover how to post to it. In most WordPress themes, it looks something like this:

<link rel="EditURI" 
 title="RSD" href="" />

We don’t support custom post types right now. We do support WordPress categories.

Thanks for the quick reply. So I should add this to the <head> of my website using a Child Theme?

Yes, exactly. Let us know if that doesn’t fix it. I did a quick check on your blog and I was getting a “forbidden” message for the XML-RPC endpoint, so possibly something else needs to be changed too.