Confusion about what does

I recently pointed a reasonably technical friend to for a site they wanted to put together. After a few hours, they told me, “this won’t work because I can’t post longer content.”

It seems in reading the main page and perhaps other info on the site, they were under the impression that all of their posts would have to be under 240 characters.

I explained how that’s not true but maybe it’s worth taking a look at how well some of the explanatory stuff on the marketing is actually missing some of the power of the platform?

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Thanks for sharing that. You’re right, we don’t fully explain everything that is possible, and I can see how defaulting to short posts could confuse some people. I’ve been meaning to create some kind of full walkthrough of how I use too, to better show off all of the features.


Every product built around microblogging that I’ve ever seen tends to recreate Tumblr rather than Twitter. (This is not a criticism; just an observation.) it may be worthwhile to think in those terms for marketing and getting started information?

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