Click to enlarge photo

Hi all
I’m very new to and loving what I’ve seen so far, though I am still finding my feet!
A quick query: is it possible for a photo to be shown at full resolution if someone clicks on it?
Ideally I’d like someone visiting this page: Tom Selmes -
to be able to click on the photo and be taken to this page:
While “open image in new tab” obviously works, I doubt that is widely known.
Thank you!

There are several plugins to provide this functionality. Mine is called glightbox and I recommend it because it will work with using Markdown syntax for adding images. It will not work with <img> tags that are added directly via HTML-- but you can also use a shortcode for galleries and the like.

Thank you. I did find your plugin and thought it looked good.
I like the seamless way that the native app allows photos to be attached to posts without using any syntax. Is there a way of posting quickly that also allows your plugin to be used?

Using Gluon, once the image is uploaded, you can click on it and select “in line image”. That will insert the Markdown syntax for the image in your post. Using that markdown will activate the render hook and automatically use glightbox.

Thanks - that’s very helpful.
Ideally I’d like to avoid a Javascript-based solution. It feels like that should be possible as the link is there, but I can’t find a way to make that work as a default.
I have added it on this page as an example, but I needed to use MarsEdit - and I’m ideally looking for something a bit simpler.

You’d want to add to your CSS something that sets a smaller width on an img tag and then hand wrap the image in a link if you just want to link to the full sized image. It will still load the full size image on the page, which is the case with the link you sent.

There’s reason why the solution I posted is more robust, but you do you!

I was reaching the same conclusion! Thanks for your help.