Clear all posts

I would like to clear all posts in my microblog because I’m going to do a fresh import of content. Is that possible in bulk or only one at a time?

Only way I found was to use mars edit.

Yep, as Greg said it is possible with Mars Edit. Other than that Manton can do it from his side of things; as well as this topic, you might have luck making the request via email:

Might could write an iOS Shortcut to do this, so long as the API I was posting with supports deletion.

(Or basically any scripting environment where one can send such GET/POST requests).

Thank you. I didn’t have too many so I just deleted them one-by-one.

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Glad you were able to get them deleted. I agree that MarsEdit is a good option for now. I’d like to add a batch delete (maybe a mode where you can more quickly select posts to delete).

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