Clarification: Epilogue and Goals

I have the default - To Read, Finished Reading, and Currently Reading - bookshelves. Before made the change a few weeks ago, I also created custom shelves for each year e.g., Read in 2023, Read in 2022, etc. Thanks to’s change behind the scenes, each of these shelves are assigned the "finished reading’ type.

However, due to this change, books can now belong either in the main Finished Reading or the Read in XXXX. This is not an issue coz I choose to display books read by their Year Read on my blog. But for the Goals feature in Epilogue, it only recognizes books in the main Finished Reading shelf.

So currently, my hack after finishing a book is to move it to the ‘Finished Reading’ shelf, blog about it, browse over the to Goals tab, and make sure it shows up there (sometimes you have to click away and click back to the tab) and only then move it to the ‘Read in XXXX (year).’

This is only for any new books I add after the change was implemented in the backend. Also, there is no way to remove a book from a Goal. Currently, I have a book that I had read in previous years but is showing up in the 2023 Goals thus inflating the count. I couldn’t see a way to remove it.

Also, is it possible to move the custom bookshelves around? My current year ‘Read in 2023’ is at the bottom and I wish it were near the top so I can add to it quickly.

If a book is showing up incorrectly in a goal, edit that book on the web and make sure the “finished date” is set correctly. I’ve noticed in a couple cases with my bookshelf that the date was wrong. Not sure why that happens, but fixing the date will fix the goal too.

By fixing the date, you mean moving it to the Read in [Year] shelf, right? Coz we don’t have a date field in Epilogue or the web.

Also, is this the recommended flow, or am I overdoing it?

I just stumbled across the date field (because I’m having similar problems to you @pratik). If you go into the bookshelf, eg Read in 2023, the edit button appears next to each book.

What I’m experiencing is that if I move a book from ‘Finished reading’ to a new ‘Read in xxxx’ the finished date changes to today.

If you don’t see the Finished date field, make sure the bookshelf is of the type Finished reading. You can change a bookshelf’s type by clicking the :information_source: icon for the shelf.

What you’re doing is more complicated than how I use it. It should be enough to simply add a book to your “Read in XXXX” bookshelf. Whether you blog about it before or after shouldn’t matter, just a personal preference.

Thanks, if the finished date is changing, that seems like a bug, especially if you’re reorganizing older books. Until that’s fixed, you should still be able to edit the finished date to fix it, though. I’ll look into that workflow and see what’s going wrong.

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I just saw the date field. I usually use Epilogue after reading a book so hadn’t seen it there. But yeah, the issue you mentioned above is not good.

Yup. I did that as soon as @manton announced the change. But as I described, any new book added can either be in the overarching ‘Finished Reading’ bookshelf or ‘Read in 2023’ shelf. But the Goal updates only if it is in the ‘Finished Reading’ bookshelf but doesn’t change if you move it to the ‘Read in 2023’ shelf (good), hence my convoluted workflow.

Or maybe Epilogue is cached and not updating in real-time?

Thinking about this again, the date changing isn’t a bug exactly, it’s because you are moving a book into a finished shelf so thinks you are marking it as finished. Now that there can be multiple finished shelves, we probably need to rethink it… I think if a book has already been marked as finished, we shouldn’t automatically change the date again.

That’s right. People may re-read a book and thus can have multiple finished dates. Letterboxd does something similar with movies we rewatch. The main movie link stays the same but is associated with different dates logged.

People may be less likely to re-read a book than they are to rewatch a movie (I know I’m going to get dragged on this).

Thanks for looking into this and following up. Sounds like it’s only an issue with reorganizing those older books (which thankfully for me aren’t that many).

That change is live now so it won’t try to update the finished date if it’s already set, when moving a book into a different bookshelf.


I realized what was happening. I just finished a book and added it only to the Read in 2023 marked as a ‘Finished Reading’ type of bookshelf. The book appears at the top of the read in 2023 shelf, but for the 2023 Goal, it appears at the bottom of the list. That’s why I missed seeing it.

I guess the earlier sorting order for the Goals was the most recent book at the top and the earliest at the bottom. Now I think the order is reversed.

Not a big deal, although I wish I could move them to the top for 2023. Once the new year starts, I can get used to the new sorting order.